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Here is what some people have said about working with Lucy Clementson-Mills.

Julian Baines MBE – Group CEO at EKF Diagnostics Plc

Lucy joined BBI as my Personal Assistant. Within a short space of time Lucy noticed a need for an HR function within BBI. Lucy had the drive and vision to change her role as PA and took all her HR qualifications so that she could set up the HR function in a fast growing public company.

In the following few years Lucy set up the HR function from scratch - putting in place HR processes and documentation, creating an employee handbook and looking after all of the recruitment, reward and training activity. After I left the business Lucy's responsibilities grew with her becoming the Head of the Culture and Performance Department, which was responsible for the development and execution of the HR strategy for the Group on a global basis.

Lucy's strength is that she has an infectious personality which is a major plus when dealing with some complex and awkward HR issues. She is also a strong link between management and employees enabling her to provide HR solutions which matched our culture. She is extremely commercially focused but has a genuine desire to see all employees engaged in their work and as such was integral in matching the business strategy with our people.

Penny McCormick – Managing Director BBI Healthcare

Lucy brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience of developing excellence in business through HR and people-centric initiatives. Lucy’s practical and proactive approach along with her energy and enthusiasm has brought real value to BBI Healthcare and helped us in the delivery of ambitious business plans.

Kimberly Le Blanc - Director Relish Video Production

I had the fortune to work with Lucy Clementson-Mills on an internal video project to launch an engagement survey with the employees across the BBI Group. Lucy is very motivated and enthusiastic which is infectious and simply a joy to work with. You could tell her colleagues and her team respected and enjoyed working with her. It was due to Lucy's tenacity, orgaisations skills and warm personality that we had 96% participation from the 450+ staff all over the world. The project was a great triump and a number of new initiatives came out of the campaign including new benefits and improved communication channels. I would highly recommend Lucy to lead any venture or project into success.

Sue Martin – Director of SMART Training

In addition to exceptional HR knowledge, Lucy builds and maintains great relationships with her customers. She works closely with her Senior team to develop culture and increase performance. She drives and influences change through passion and engagement. This is all achieved whilst HR compliance is ensured. Lucy will ensure your business is in good shape to deliver its targets.

Darren Rowles – Product Marketing Manager BBI Solutions

Lucy is the most positive, energetic, personable and supportive person I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. Transitioning from a worker role to a management position in a fast-paced company was daunting, however, with Lucy’s coaching, guidance, backing, and boundless enthusiasm, it ended up being a far easier process than I first realised. Using further skills that Lucy was able to relay, in a well taught and understanding manner, it allowed me to build the team that I wanted, train and support them in their growth and eventually move on the next level, knowing the department was in good hands. Having worked with Lucy for nearly ten years, I can truly say she is a remarkable coach, mentor and people champion.