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The Only Thing We Can Be Certain Of Is Change

The Only Thing We Can Be Certain Of Is Change Organisations are constantly changing. But how can HR not only keep up with these changes, but consistently be a few steps ahead?

Now is the time for HR to be in the driving seat and steer businesses through these changes, rather than being a quiet passenger just coming along for the journey. Not because HR has to – but because we want to! We know the value we can bring businesses and now it is our time to show this off!

No matter where you turn, the stories dominating workplace news are around the impact of technology advancements (and what this means for our workforces), homeworking, the need for authentic leadership, gender equality and paying attention to the wellbeing of our staff. None of these things are new, they’ve been here for some time. But there is much more attention on these areas now, which gives HR a great opportunity to be at the forefront of these trends and be the driving force behind the changes needed in their organisation to respond to and be ready in these areas.

But how can we do this?

In my opinion; honesty and questioning. Honesty on what matters. Honesty on what we should be focusing on. Questioning the status quo to find out what really matters, and then having that honest conversation. Genuinely listening to our people, the leadership, our customers. What is being said, questioning that information and then having the gumption to have that honest conversation with the relevant person / people / department. Always with the end goal of wanting to create an environment and culture that is for all of our people which allows the business to grow. We are in the unique position of being close to the staff and having a direct line into management and / or leadership. We should be using this privileged position to drive the changes required.

Of course, this isn’t making changes for the sake of making changes nor demanding we are listened to at all times. We need to build on what already works; but also not sit still. We need to keep moving forward and making progress whilst also being role models in the organisation. We can direct behavioural change and communicate consistently the vision, mission and values of the business into everything we do. From how we recruit to how we on-board staff. How we conduct training to the exit interviews we carry out. By keeping our processes in line with the company culture and bringing the company values to life through our daily interactions with staff and between departments. We can be the change agents in the business.

HR has a real opportunity to bring back the human touch in to every aspect of our role and if we always strive for that and maintain that honesty we can be more than a few steps ahead for driving change in the organisation.