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Culture Three60

About Culture Three60

There are a number of challenges facing growing organisations today. These can include:

  • Hitting stretched revenue or growth targets whilst tightly controlling all costs.
  • Attracting exceptional people in a competitive market, engaging these people and retaining them so they have the skills to work in and deal with the changing workplace, put effective processes in place to keep the business efficient and who will continuously delight the customer.
  • Bridging the disconnect between HR, leaders/managers and employees to create positive workforce experiences for all employees as this directly affects the employer brand and business reputation.
  • Being adaptable, ready for change, efficient and innovative but usually with a small HR team who are responsible for the people but in reality are tied down in processes, policies and inflexible practices.
  • Having an effective, capable and empowered management team in place to enable leadership teams to actually lead and drive the business.

To overcome these challenges and enable a business to grow and succeed you need a steady and firm foundation and at Culture Three60 we concentrate on three areas to ensure organisations have this stability:

Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

Where are you going as a business and why are you doing it? If organisations take the time to define and clearly communicate this not only do they take their people and customers with them on their journey; they are also focusing on the long term wellbeing of the business.


Who are the people who are going to inspire and lead everyone? Who are able to not only devise a business strategy but can clearly communicate it throughout the business so it is understood and followed by all stakeholders.


How are your most valuable assets looked after and treated? How do they know they are valued and that their wellbeing is a business priority?
Are your people empowered to achieve the company vision and provide excellent customer service and are they held accountable to doing this?

By addressing these three areas you are shaping and defining your company culture - the “how” things get done. The behaviours and values of a shared group of people and the foundation to build upon for business success and longevity. You align your business strategy directly with your people and in turn address the whole of the organisation. You get a 360-degree view.

The people and business services we offer are all borne out of these three areas.